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Kehoe for Governor Announces Women for Kehoe Statewide Coalition

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Mike Kehoe for Governor announced a new statewide coalition called Women for Kehoe. The coalition’s new webpage launched in tandem with the announcement and is led by business women and community leaders from across the state including Patty Boyers, Co-Chair, Poplar Bluff; Jeanette Hernandez Prenger, Co-Chair, Kansas City; Mary Schrag, Finance Director, Springfield and West Plains. The mission of Women for Kehoe is simple: to work together to elect Mike Kehoe as Missouri’s next governor.

“There is never a traffic jam going that extra mile. Mike Kehoe has served Missouri well as a business owner and public servant. I am honored to lead this coalition and we are committed to electing Mike Kehoe as our next governor,” said Patty Boyers, co-chair of Women for Kehoe. ”Mike Kehoe has the character, values, and vision to lead Missouri forward and secure our future.”

“Missouri is a competitive location for business here in the Midwest. Our location dictates various transportation modes and accessibility, all of which are critical to growing Missouri’s economy and workforce. We must have a business leader at the helm of our state who is dedicated to moving our state in the right direction. Anyone other than Mike Kehoe for governor will set Missouri back at least a decade,” said Jeanette Hernandez Prenger, co-chair of Women for Kehoe.

“There is only one candidate with a plan on Day 1 to address violent crime to secure the safety of our communities and our families,” said Mary Schrag, finance director for Women for Kehoe. “That’s why Mike Kehoe is endorsed by all of Missouri’s leading law enforcement organizations and that’s why I’m supporting Mike Kehoe. I encourage all Missouri women to join us in this effort and vote for Mike in the August Republican primary.”

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