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Missouri Agriculture Leaders Endorse Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe for 2020 Election

Seven leading agriculture organizations offer early support, officially endorse first-

generation farmer and small businessman Mike Kehoe for Lt. Governor


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe announced today his campaign received

the support of Missouri’s leading agriculture organizations, including the Missouri Agribusiness Association, Missouri Cattlemen Association, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Missouri Dairy Farmers Association, Missouri Farm Bureau, Missouri Pork Association, and Missouri Soybean Association. Lt. Governor Kehoe is running for a full-term in the November 2020 election.

“I am honored to receive this early support from Missouri’s agriculture leaders and hard-working farmers,” Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe said. “As a first-generation cattle farmer I know that each season brings new challenges for our farm families and I want to personally thank all of Missouri’s farmers for their commitment in making Missouri’s agriculture industry the best that it can be.”

The announcement took place Saturday evening at the Missouri Cattlemen’s Cattle Industry

Convention and Trade Show in Columbia in front of over 800 attendees, with Lt. Governor

Kehoe accepting the endorsements from seven of Missouri’s leading agriculture organizations representing a wide range of farmers and commodities.

Endorsing Organizations

Missouri Agribusiness Association

“As a small businessman himself, as the leader in the Missouri Senate, and as Missouri’s Lt.

Governor, Mike Kehoe has demonstrated his understanding of the whole gamut of issues that are important to agribusiness in Missouri. Throughout the years, Mike Kehoe had supported Missouri Agribusiness and now Missouri Agribusiness is proud to support Mike Kehoe in his current race for Lt. Governor.”

- Steve Taylor, President/Executive Director, Missouri Agribusiness Association

Missouri Cattlemen Association

“Mike gets it. He’s a cattle producer and understands the challenges and opportunities in our industry. He is a staunch advocate of private property rights and has a proven record when it comes to pushing initiatives forward to advance Missouri agriculture and create opportunities in rural Missouri. His commitment is unwavering and we are honored to stand alongside him in his quest to continue serving as our state’s Lieutenant Governor.”

- Bobby Simpson, President, Missouri Cattlemen Association

Missouri Corn Growers Association

“Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe is a strong supporter of farmers and a leading voice in Missouri

agriculture. A farmer himself, Lt. Gov. Kehoe brings his experience and firsthand knowledge

to provide the tools and resources to grow our state’s top industry. He recognizes the

important economic role the corn and ethanol industries have in our local communities and

the need for improved transportation infrastructure for our products. We appreciate his hard

work on behalf of Missouri corn growers and are proud to endorse Mike Kehoe for Missouri

lieutenant governor.”

- Mike Moreland, President, Missouri Corn Growers Association, Harrisonville, MO

Missouri Dairy Farmers Association

“As a Cole County business owner and a Pulaski County farmer, we know Mike Kehoe

understands the issues that matter most to Missouri dairy farmers. We appreciate Mike’s

leadership on transportation issues as well as the Food, Beverage, and Forest Products

Manufacturing Initiative. We know we can count on Mike Kehoe’s leadership, and we are

proud to endorse him for Lt. Governor in 2020.”

- J.P. Dunn, Executive Director, Missouri Dairy Association

Missouri Farm Bureau

“Lt. Governor Kehoe knows and cares about the people of rural Missouri. He has been our

state’s leading voice on the need to improve our road and bridge infrastructure throughout his years as a Senator and now as Lt. Governor. As a cattle rancher himself, he understands

agriculture’s importance to our rural economy. We are proud to support him in this race.”

- Trent Drake, Chairman of the MOFB PAC Board of Trustees, Missouri Farm Bureau

Missouri Pork Association

“The Missouri Pork Association (MPA) is proud to endorse Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe. He has

a proven record of working hard for all Missourians plus has a passion for farmers, ranchers

and rural Missouri. You can count on Mike Kehoe to do the right thing and we look forward

to his continued service as Lt. Governor.”

- Marcus Belshe, Chairman, Missouri Pork Association, and farmer from Henley, MO

Missouri Soybean Association

“The Missouri Soybean Association is endorsing Mike Kehoe for Lt. Governor for his

commitment to our state, and deep understanding of agriculture and the needs of farmers.

Kehoe has a strong track record of finding solutions, crafting smart policy and identifying

opportunities that make Missouri an even better place to produce food and fuel for the world, and for the families who call our state home. His leadership has brought forward positive resolutions to challenges facing farmers, including infrastructure needs, and we’re proud to endorse Mike Kehoe for Lt. Governor in 2020.”

- C. Brooks Hurst, President, Missouri Soybean Association, and farmer from Tarkio, MO

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